Electrical Engineer- Technical Maintenance Electrical Utilities

  • Full Time
  • Waco, TX

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Position Summary: 
Support field crews in the installation, testing and repair of substation meter and relay devices.  Support the ERCOT Polled Settlement Metering process and become a subject matter expert in metering.  Provide technical advice and assistance to the protection engineers and to System Operations.  Provide technical expertise to member cooperatives in various trouble shooting activities.   Support member cooperatives resolving power quality, metering, AMR, and other power system issues.  Assist with maintaining periodic relay and battery bank testing documentation for NERC compliance.    Perform other duties as required.

Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

Meter Installation, Testing, Repair and Record Keeping
Assist with Meter design, which includes meter circuit location, instrument transformer sizing and loading, meter programming and new meter evaluation.  Develop transformer loss settings for new installations and Master File set up for MV-90 (meter polling software). Provide support for meter data estimations and analysis.  Become proficient in ERCOT EPS (ERCOT Polled Settlement) meter circuit design and testing. Become familiar with Protocol Section 10 and the “Settlement Metering Operating Guidelines” (SMOG).  Become proficient in meter applications related to SEL 735 meters and Transdata meters.
Attend   ERCOT Metering Work Group (MWG) meetings. Provide input for any changes to the Protocols and/or Guidelines.

Work with metering technicians on testing standards, accuracy requirements, and maintaining current with PUC standards.

Provide support to member cooperatives for their Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems, which includes meeting and working with their AMR vendors, installations, troubleshooting problems, and suggesting possible solutions.

NERC Compliance Of Relay and Battery Bank Systems
Develop understanding of NERC Standards PRC-005, PRC-004 and PRC-018. Assist with compliance.  Maintain the Relay Maintenance Data Base for NERC Standards PRC-005 for test report validation, instrument transformers, and system protection systems as a whole.  Maintain the quarterly and annual Battery Bank and Battery Charging database.  Participate in ERCOT/NERC Audits for compliance with standards PRC-005 and PRC-018.  Support the NERC document management system and assist with updating.  Provide technical input, as requested, to the “BEC Protection Systems Guidelines” policy document.

Power Quality and Outage Analysis 
Assist with evaluating problems or disturbances such as voltage sag/swells, transients, flicker, harmonics and outages on the transmission and/or the distribution system.  Work with our member Cooperatives, neighboring utilities, and data gathered from field equipment such as portable/permanent fault recorders, microprocessor relays, metering data, system operation logs, equipment manufacturers and site visits that assist in determining the cause of the problem.

Meter and Relay Subject Matter Expert
Provide technical guidance for the Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical Technicians for creating testing procedures, troubleshooting and coordinating technical training.  Help maintain the database that tracks relay firmware upgrades, recalls and failures.  Provide Engineering support for the System Protection Section for relaying design, new product analysis and testing.

Become proficient in SEL applications related to SEL relays.  Provide technical assistance for the Transmission Operations/Operators for fault analysis, protective relay operations, mis-operations and outage verification.  Obtain ERCOT Qualified Meter Inspector designation after testing meters for 1 year.

Education and Experience Requirements:
Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from an accredited engineering school or institution.  A Texas Professional Engineer certification is preferred, but not required.  Minimum 3 years of working experience

Brazos Electric provides competitive pay and excellent benefits including a 401(k) plan and group insurance benefits. The job duties listed are not intended to describe fully the position’s requirements or essential functions, which are subject to change. 

Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other legally protected status.    

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